Ataberk Olgun
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PhD Student @ ETH Zürich
SAFARI Research Group

I received my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from TOBB University of Economics and Technology (TOBB ETÜ) in 2019. I recently finished my MSc degree at TOBB ETÜ where I was co-advised by Prof. Oğuz Ergin, and Prof. Onur Mutlu.

My research interests lie primarily in the area of Computer Architecture. These days I'm exploring DRAM, Hardware Security, and also their intersection: DRAM Security.

I've been working at SAFARI research group since 2018 where I contributed to many amazing projects. I developed an FPGA-based DDR4 memory testing platform that enabled cutting-edge research. The coolest project I worked on was about testing off-the-shelf DRAM chips at -196.15 °C (77 K). 

I started working at Kasirgalabs in 2016. Since then, I've worked on many projects that involved hardware design using Verilog and Chisel3 and workload characterization using gem5. During my master's studies, I led the design of a RISC-V SoC that was manufactured using SKY130 technology.

I bought a DSLR to take amazing photos, such as an overweight dog that looks like a sea lion, and generic scenery. I like observing our solar system (except the sun, for now) using my telescope. I am slowly becoming an amateur astrophotographer: here is an awful photo of Saturn (stay tuned until I get proper equipment to mount my camera here is a shot of the Moon)


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